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Jesus clearly alerts us that we are to know the signs of the times, and to watch for signs of His coming and of the coming deception, so we can be alert and ready!

It is therefore important that we keep track of trends in the world, and in the church. Trends that herald His coming, and that alert us to dangers as we approach the day of His return.

Inclusion of a link here does not necessarily imply endorsement of all that the ministry does or teaches. The only endorsement that is worthwhile is that of conformity to Biblical truth. Remember – always use Discernment in your research!

Websites and Blogs


The Rapture is perhaps the most important upcoming event on God’s calendar. The date is not knowable by us, and it was not known to Jesus during His life on earth, but I’m sure He knew it when He ascended into Heaven and was given a Name that is above every other name, as Lord of Heaven and earth.
That is why the right balance is to live as if He might rapture us today, yet plan for the future (in our personal lives as well as in our work for the Kingdom of God) as if the Rapture is still far away. Meanwhile it is crucial that we get ourselves as well informed as possible on the Rapture.

I’ve assembled a number of sound links on the subject, under the page Rapture Links.

Endtime Economies

Eternal Value Review
New and Views on Stewardship, Financial Trends and Endtime Economies

Paul Mcguire’s .org website – His articles – His Blogspot site – His earlier blog –  Paul Mcguire’s .com website

Telus.net Websites

All the Good News of Bible Prophecy – Telus.net

Bible Studies by Dale Morgan

World Events and Prophetic Trends News Net – Telus.net

Radio and Television at Telus.net (totally free of Adobe Flash)

Newsletter – Telus.net

Final Generation – Telus.net

Mark of the Beast – Telus.net

Telus.net Google Group on End Times News (all may participate)

12Tribes.com (detailed studies in the Book of Revelation)

Topical Bible Study

Look Up Fellowship (LUF) – How close are we?


Other Endtime Websites

Eight harbingers of Judgment

Hope of the World

The Harbinger (book review with list of the seals)

End Time Ministry 

Paw Creek Ministries rich site!

United States Prophecy Warnings, some frightening, but also a lot of good teaching. Seems to focus too much on visions and dreams.

Jesus is Returning Soon

Prophecy in the News (J.R.Church and Gary Stearsman’s ministry)

Voice of Evangelism (Perry Stone’s ministry)

He Is Near

Heaven Soon

Steve Pardue’s two sites: Cynet and the mirror-site Star of David

Prophecy Newswatch

The Lion and the Lamb Ministries

Understanding The Times

World Watch Daily – Koenig’s International News – see also William Koenig.com

The End Times from NowTheEndBegins.com (has some good links in the comments section)
See also Main Page and their Blog

Sons to Glory

Signs in the Heavens: What’s Coming?

Mark Blitz Interview on Blood Red Moons

John Claey’s end time website 
(shows how God is arranging and controlling events that lead to the fulfillment of end time prophecies)

Unusual Painting about American Presidents, the Constitution, and the Prince of Peace

The Forgotten Man

One Nation Under God

Peace is Coming


End Time Archeology

As we draw nearer to the times of the end, God is beginning to validate many of the Biblical accounts.
Ron Wyatt’s Museum has info on recent discoveries in Biblical archeology. The daily news keeps updating us with yet newer discoveries.

Not to be outdone, linguistics is beginning to validate a notion that flies counter to all modern linguistics theories from the time of Grimm, the notion that all the world’s languages are related to … Hebrew! It seems that Hebrew is likely to be the one language that is the root language, literally the mother-tongue of the whole earth.

Ron Wyatt’s Museum (info on Ron Wyatt’s findings in Biblical Archeology)

  • Noah’s Ark (link between Dispensation of Conscience and Dispensation of Human Government)

  • Sodom and Gomorrah (figures in the life of Abraham, the first of the Patriarchs of the Dispensation of Promise)

  • Red Sea Crossing (figures towards the end of the Dispensation of Promise and leads the way into the Dispensation of Law)

  • Mount Sinai (the archetypal mountain representing the giving of the Law in the Dispensation of Law)

  • Ark of the Covenant (the principal object in the Tabernacle Furniture, and later of the Temple, where God met with His people during the Dispensation of Law)

Edenic (The Mother Tongue of the whole earth)
Did one of the many languages that dated back to the time of the Babel confusion remain close enough to the origin (perhaps because Shem and his descendants refused to join in the rebellion), that it can be considered to be the modern version of Edenic? There’s a strong probably that Hebrew is that tongue. See also Origin of Speeches.

Doctor Doktorian’s visions and prophecies

http://endtimerevelations.org/downloads/5AngelsofContinents.pdf A PDF file



Frank Dimora’s The Last Chronicles

The Pre-Trib Rapture is Scripturally Sound

End Times Beliefs Among Protestants

Sola Dei Gloria (“Sola Deo Gloria”, one of the emphases of the Reformation, means “Glory to God alone”. The title of this blog, Sola Dei Gloria, translates as “Only God’s glory”, but the “a” in Sola should be “i”, thus the grammatically accurate title would have been “Soli Dei Gloria”)

The Return of the Nephilim
includes a page on the Rephaim, post-flood giants, which apparently are roaming the world today too.




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