Earth is not our home

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Heaven should be at the center of the Christian worldview. Everyone has a worldview, whether aware of it or not, just as everyone speaks prose whether aware of it or not!

A worldview is a framework through which we interpret the world and everything in the world and about it.

A proper Christian worldview is the only worldview that is focused towards Heaven. The world mocks this focus, calling it escapism. But this is the very thing that the Bible commands. 

Colossians 3:2  Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth.

Paul wrote this, and he was no escapist!

Paul and Peter reminded God’s people that the suffering of this life cannot be compared with the glory of the life to come. We do not seek to escape suffering by dreaming of heaven all the time. Rather, we can endure this life because we are certain of heaven.

The ones who fix their affection on the transient things of earth living as though this were the only reality, are the real escapists, who are trying to escape facing up to the real reality of Eternity.

Nothing is more obvious than the temporary nature of earthly life. People joke about the only things that are certain in this life are death and taxes! Nothing in this world is permanent.

Many think that because life is brief, it’s the very reason  why they should grasp all the pleasure they can before it is too late. Their motto: Let’s eat, drink and merry while we wait to die.

Scripture tells us that is the worldview of fools.

Yet there are churches and preachers who spend far time and energy trying to improve the world (under the guise of taking “seven mountains”, forgetting that Jesus did not come to take over the structures of this world but to seek and to save them that are lost by paying the penalty of sin, and offering salvation by faith alone. Instead of devoting time, prayer, finance and effort towards evangelism with the true gospel, they find it more attractive to seek to enter politics to  “transform society” instead of focusing on redemption of sinners. The fact that this is a growing trend in the church is an indication that we are in the last days!



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