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Bible Dispensations

God’s Plan for the Ages:
This phrase has been used to encompass the dispensations by authors with whom (after studying the matter with an open mind) I do not agree.
I do not endorse every publication or website that bears this title. However, I do wish to commend the following page:

In the same website, click on

See also Arthur W. Pink’s Study of Dispensations

Ron Wyatt’s Museum (info on Ron Wyatt’s findings in Biblical Archeology – please discern for yourself)

  • Noah’s Ark (link between Dispensation of Conscience and Dispensation of Human Government)

  • Sodom and Gomorrah (figures in the life of Abraham, the first of the Patriarchs of the Dispensation of Promise)

  • Red Sea Crossing (figures towards the end of the Dispensation of Promise and leads the way into the Dispensation of Law)

  • Mount Sinai (the archetypal mountain representing the giving of the Law in the Dispensation of Law)

  • Ark of the Covenant (the principal object in the Tabernacle Furniture, and later of the Temple, where God met with His people during the Dispensation of Law)

Edenic (The Language of Adam and Eve)
Did one of the many languages that dated back to the time of the Babel confusion remain close enough to the origin (perhaps because Shem and his descendants refused to join in the rebellion), that it can be considered to be the modern version of Edenic? There’s a strong probably that Hebrew is that tongue.

See also Aroyking: Origin of Speeches.


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