DISCERNMENT (next to being born again, and having close fellowship with the Lord Jesus as His disciple) is perhaps the most crucial gift we need in order to navigate these End Times, and to fulfill the Lord’s purposes for our lives.

Only by the constant exercise of discernment will God’s people see clearly and be delivered from confusion and deception. It is a biblical characteristic of the End Times that the speed of events is constantly quickening, like birthpangs, so that there is not much time for the luxury of mistakes. And we need desperately need discernment in personal, church and even business life.

Definition: Discernment is the ability given by the Holy Spirit to see through appearances, to see from God’s perspective, to have the mind of Christ on a situation.

Our most essential need in every situation is to know the mind of Christ. Discernment is actually an innate characteristic of the Holy Spirit and so it is also a characteristic of the new life that indwells our spirit. Since it is a “natural” quality of the Spirit that indwells us, it becomes the fruit of living in and by the Spirit. However, we recognize that we are still not fully sanctified, and move by the inclincation of the flesh until it is “put to death” as we allow the Spirit to work and take over in us.

To discern does not mean that we see into the future but that we perceive the true reality of the present. This perception often makes the future quite obvious.




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