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Discernment websites and blogs … also WolfScope and NightScope (separate pages within this site the first about individuals who deceive, and the second about darkness invading churhes)

Jesus clearly alerts us that, in the end times, deception will be widely prevalent, insofar as to deceive, if possible, even the elect.

It is therefore important that we keep track of trends in the world, and in the church. Deception in the world is only to be expected. It is deception in the church that is so very deceptive, because we tend to let our guard down, and swallow satanic lies along with some Biblical truth. When we set a bait for an animal (such as a fish or a rat), the bait itself is tasty and nourishing, but there’s a fish or trap attached to the bait. So it is with spiritual deception.

Inclusion of a link here does not necessarily imply endorsement of all that the ministry does or teaches. The only endorsement that is worthwhile is that of conformity to Biblical truth. Remember – always use Discernment in your research!

Before going on to list websites and blogs, may I leave you with  this quotation from Spurgeon?


Discernment is not knowing the difference between right and wrong. It is knowing the difference between right and almost right.

– Charles Haddon Spurgeon


Sites that will further your research in Discerning the Times.

Andrew Strom’s John the Baptist TV

Earlier version, Andrew Strom’s Revival School

Critical Issues (an article I highly recomment). List of articles

Spirit of Error See the article entitled Pray and A-C-T

Vigilant Citizen (Symbols rule the world, not words or laws) 
Reports on and discusses use of symbols in media to “dumb down” the masses and communicate and advance hidden agendas 

Got Questions?

False Prophets from He Is Near

Paw Creek Ministries rich site!

Free worldview magazine (excellent apologetics site)

Christian WorldView – and its blog

ACT (Apologetics Coordination Team)
If you are looking for an excellent discernment apologetics speaker in your area this is the place to go.

Alliance of Biblical Pentecostals
Gary Osbourne – This is an alliance of Pentecostal believers who are dedicated to the sufficiency, inerrancy, and authority of Scripture. Members are from a variety of mainstream Pentecostal denominations such as Assembly of God, Church of God, etc. as well as independent Pentecostal fellowships. ABP is not intended to replace these organizations; nor is it actively seeking members. ABP is nothing more, and nothing less, than a network of Bible believing Christians who are concerned, even appalled, by the mainstream Pentecostal church that has forfeited its Biblical birthright for a mess of Charismatic porridge.

Believers in Grace
Bill Randles – Books, articles and fine teaching

(The) Berean Call
Dave Hunt – Alerting believers to unbiblical practices in the church and encouraging greater biblical discernment and understanding.

Bible Guidance
Dr. Johan Malan – Wonderful site in four languages with excellent Bible teachings and much more!

Christian Research Service

Cephas Ministries
Biblically based Christian Research became our job and a necessity when a number of major denominations, radio and television “evangelicals” took a decided turn to the left and brought the world into the church rather then the church into the world. The salt of the earth became sugar, some even promising 100 fold return for donations. But that wasn’t all. Behind it all emerged their job, the new move to unify all religions including cults, that fosters the current political agenda of a man-made peace at all cost. The job of popular evangelicals, the Promise Keepers, March for Jesus and thousands of other organized religious groups focuses on “Christianizing” cults such as Islam, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Masons, Moonies and thousands of fringe groups. It is called “Unity in Diversity”.

Cephas Ministry and related ministries
Includes links to Answers in Genes, The Berean Call, Discernment Conferences, Ephesians 5:11, David W. Cloud, Fight the Good Fight, Let us Reason (Hawaii), Power of Prophecy, Pre-Trib Research Center, EndTime Ministries, and many others.

Apprising Ministries

Cult Watch
Recommends thorough research of any group you are about to join – preferably research done independently of the group,
specially if the group being considered claims to be the only one with the truth,
or they have told you that any outside information on them is evil, and not to read it.

Deception in the Church 
Sandy Simpson – Excellent collection of documents exposing deception and heresy; there is also a Bulletin Board.

Discernment Ministries (related to Herescope Blog, see below)

Eastern Regional Watch
Steve Muse – A discernment/apologetics resource ministry founded to stand watch and guard against deception, false teachings, heresies and the philosophies of men that attempt to infiltrate the Body of Christ. This page is a treasury of links on the New Apostolic Reformation

Kjos Ministries
Berit Kjos – Research articles and much more related to deception and globalization.

Let Us Reason
Mike Oppenheimer – A excellent site that exposes many false teachers.

Lighthouse Trails Research Project
Deborah Dombrowski – Exposing the dangers of Contemplative Spirituality and its Connection to Interspirituality

Lovest Thou Me?
Cathy Morris’ ministry on deception in the church, prophecy, and many other topics

Moriel Ministries
Jacob J. Prasch – International Teaching Ministry. Moriel is a Messianic site, which strongly confronts doctrinal error. Excellent teaching and apologetics.

Trinity Foundation.org

Anton Bosch Ministries
Anton Bosch – A Call to Return to the Word of the Lord. Rich Bible Teaching site.

Proclaiming the Gospel
Mike Gendron – Reaching Catholics for Christ – The ministry was established in 1991 to serve and glorify the Lord Jesus Christ by proclaiming His death and resurrection as God’s only provision whereby sinners can be forgiven, redeemed and justified.

PsychoHeresy Awareness Letter
Martin & Deidre Bobgan – website for Psychoheresy. (The integration of secular psychological counseling theories and therapies with the Bible).

Understand the Times International
Roger Oakland – Current events that can be understood and analyzed in light of the Bible.

Frances and Friends
(Website and radio program) Frances Swaggart, her panel and guests, address current issues of concern to the church.

Watchpair (Watchmen on the Wall)
Presently no serious Christian can doubt that evil men have come to power in the world, whose purpose is to overthrow free forms of government and to suppress the Gospel of Jesus Christ. However, few Christians seem to be aware that this same anti-Christ network has infiltrated the Church with a hidden agenda of subverting the true faith and converting believers to their false religious system. This site includes a subset called “Heeding Bible Prophecy” pertaining to Biblical prophecies of deception in the church in the end times.

Critical Times Commentary (deals with issues such as spiritual warfare worldview versus providential worldview, whether the “binding and loosing” practiced in deliverance and spiritual warfare ministries has biblical backing, etc.

True Light Ministries – True Light Ministries Blog – True Light Ministries Attack Prayers

Take a Stand Ministries

C/FAR (Center for Apologetics Reseaarch

M’Kayla’s Korner http://mkayla.wordpress.com/

Adelaja Watch (Seeking to make available materials that could help discern the Nigerian-born Pastor Sundah Adelaja and his ministry, particularly as it relates to participation in politics and support for Ukraine)

Victor Affonso’s website (closed down)
Victor was a Roman Catholic Jesuit priest who had a profound influence on the lives of many Roman Catholics in India and in the United States. Around the 1990s (as I recall), he began to realize that the gospel of Jesus cannot be preached even unofficially in the Catholic Church. He then left that church.

Victor Affonso’s site carried an excellent 54-minute documentary movie entitled “Catholicism – Crisis of Faith” which tells how Catholics even priests and nuns, are discovering the truth about false doctrines.. The documentary can be viewed on the Adullam Films site. Also on YouTube. The transcript of the documentary can be read here.

True Christianity vs Roman Catholicism Helga’s blog (included here among the websites because of it has the same objective as Victor Affonso’s website.

His Kingdom Three main contributors


The Word on the Word of Faith (a group blog)

The Greycoats (excellent site for Bereans)

Tim Challies’ Blog

KnightWatchman Discernment Twitter page (If you are on twitter, please retweet what you find valuable)

Herescope Blog (related to Discernment Ministries, see above)
Watchman Chronicling the End of Days (same statement of faith as Got Questions? – see above)

Sola Dei Gloria

Sola Sisters (excellent blog based on the 5 Solas by two sisters who are dismayed by the occultism and new age teaching coming into Christian churches You can read about the two sisters here)

Defending, Contending

Tents of Issachar
a discernment blog with a difference – visions that provoke thought and help discern.

No Goofy Zone Discernment Ministry

Apostate Evangelists and Teachers

Deception Bytes

Slaughter of the Sheep (warning against devilish designs to destroy the church)

True Christianity vs Roman Catholicism 
Evangelical Christian blogspot reaches out to Roman Catholics with the gospel;
also publishes discernment pages and links from other sies.
The owner of the blog writes under the blogname Rainha do Canto (Queen of Song) because of her keen interest in good music.

What’s Happening? from Banner Ministries


deals with New Apostolic Reformation (NAR), Bill Johnson and his Bethel Church, the Latter Rain, Gnosticism, “Anointing”, and other false teaching.

Beyond Grace (a website covering issues similar to the above)

Birthpangs (article index – a compendium of all the relevant articles by the author, that had appeared in Cross+Word and IntoTruth.org)



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