Diary of Miracles

As you grow in experience with prayer, you will also grow in your awareness of and  belief  in the power of prayer. You will do good to keep an entirely separate chronicle, diary, log or journal, whatever your favorite term for suh a record just to record the miracles and answers to prayer that you receive. 

Also you migjt want to record things that God gave you but were not specificlly answers to prayers you had made earlier. It’s a “before you called, God answered” situation.
Can you see? Can you hear? Can you read and write? Thank God! 
Remember, one of the Bible prophecies of the spiritual decline in the last days warned that men would be unthankful (2 Timothy 3:2). Ingrtitude is the forerunner of apostasy. When we forget what God has done, we tend to discount Him, and gradually phase Him out of our lives. 
If you faithfully keep track of the good things God is doing in your life, of the prayers He has answered, and the miracles He is doing in your life — you will never backslide. But more than that, you will learn to stay before the throne of God with your prayers and supplications. 
If it ever really gets into your heart just how many wonderful things God has done in your life as you have prayed and sought for His blessing in your life, you will want to pray more and more and more as you get older. 
I can’t think of anything that motivates me to prayer better than the good results I have had through the years as I have prayed. If you ever pray for God to heal someone of dengue, and He does, you will be emboldened to pray for someone else who is suffering from dengue fever. Successful prayers are the greatest motivators for future prayers. Not just future prayers by yourself, but prayers requested by others who heard the testimony of your answered prayers specially .when they need somehing similar to an answer received.
That is one of the reasons why you should write down a record of your results.  Review your list of miracles from time to time. It will encourage you and renew your faith. It is the best thing I can think of for treating a bout of discouragement. 
God has been good, but we tend to forget it. Keep track of the miracles that God does as you pray. In years to come, your “Diary of Miracles” will be a great source of inspiration. 
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