This is website is dedicated first of all to my dear wife, son and daughter. Without their staunch support, encouragement, reminders and prodding, I wouldn’t have started on the journey of learning html and content management systems, and structuring and restructuring the material I knew I had to present in a manner that would result in an organized website…

The month was September 2009. It was the month of the New Year, of the Feast of Trumpets, and the Day of Atonement. I repented of the long delays, the procrastinations, and took the plunge to start the process of putting the website together and uploading it.

It was during the previous month, on August 12, 2009 that a prophetic sister in the Lord, had shared with me this prophetic vision. I was humbled that God had given a vision about me to this prophetic sister. But what struck me most was that it indicated my teaching style. For the style I had decided to adopt was one of winding ever deeper and deeper into the Word of God – something she confirmed in her vision. Here’s her colorful email, in just the style as shown.

Hello beloved in the Lord,
Here’s the glorious vision of the LORD for His goal keeper (the one who keeps the goals of the Lord in focus)………..
The Lord showed me, you, …

You were descending down a  well lit  spiral staircase….you come to a particular floor.. there’s a banqueting room on that floor… it’s wide open….. there’s an 8-seater dining table in the centre of the room…. the top of the table was glass and beneath it was teak elephant carvings….. the rest of it was made of teak carvings… the legs were made of teak elephant figures… 3 chairs on either side and one each at the two opposite ends….. there’s a chandelier in the room… no other lamps or lighting… you are wearing a stark black suit and you had some books and files in your hand… As you enter the banqueting room, a chef suddenly appears and he begins to lay the table…. there is something like a blue mat but not a mat in the center of the table…. it seems to be fixed beneath the glass top…. the chef places crystal cutlery on the table and a loaf of pierced bread on the blue topping…..

Love and prayers,

Thank you, dearest (sister)! (Name withheld as she is a private person.)

And I absolutely love the way you have become so fluent in the use of color! a new gifting … colorful emails!

I’ll meditate on your vision, and if God reveals more insights, I will share my understanding with you.

Yours in Yeshua’s precious love,

Dearest (sister).

You emailed me your vision on August 12,  I acknowledged it on August 13. Since then I’ve been off the computer a good deal. I received the following insights in the second half of August, and was able to confirm one point on the net a few days later.

I give below the interpretation I received with related references to the scriptures. I’ve embedded my interpretation in the text of your email, with my interpretation in a different color.

Hello beloved in the Lord,
Here’s the glorious vision of the LORD for His goal keeper (The one who keeps the goals of the Lord in focus and in hand)………..
The Lord showed me, you, ….
You were descending down a well lit  spiral staircase….

The spiral staircase represents my style of teaching, a style which I adopted with my family, and with … the house church that I pastored from 1997 to 2004 (I have the dates in my diary, but haven’t re-checked as I type this).

In this style of teaching, I went through the entire Bible (Genesis to Revelation) in one quick sweep, and then came back to Genesis, spiraling down to Revelation in several cycles, each time in greater depth than before. This  resulted in my family and fellowship getting a really in-depth understanding of the Bible. (For an immediate glimpse into how this works out in this site, go to Telescopic Views in the left, and scroll down to Molecular Expressions, then click on the link you find there and sit back to watch a visual parable of my  plan.. Also notice that Telescopic Views contains links that take you deeper and deeper into the Bible. The left panel also contains a link to Microscopic Views.)

you come to a particular floor.. there’s a banqueting room on that floor.. it’s wide open…..

there’s an 8-seater dining table in the centre of the room….

I don’t know what the 8-seater dining table represents … if the number eight is to be taken literally. But figuratively, eight is the number of the resurrection. Does this mean that the lost who dine with me on God’s Word will be born to new life (resurrected in the spirit) and those who are saved will experience revival? May it be so! Amen!

the top of the table was glass and beneath it was teak elephant carvings…..the rest of it was made of teak carvings…the legs were made of teak elephant figures…3 chairs on either side and one at the two opposite ends…..

The teak wood is probably the way your dream represents the acacia wood of the table of shewbread. Since you probably haven’t seen acacia wood, it probably looked to you like teak. The Acacia seyal tree is also known as the shittah tree (shittim is the plural form), from which shittim wood was cut. Shittim wood was used in the Ark of the Covenant.

The elephant does not, of course, occur in the Bible, but has the general symbolic meanings of good memory, long life, peacefulness (it is a peaceful non-carnivorous animal), docility (the elephant is docile to its trainer). I hope the elephant in these meanings is also a representation of me!

there is a chandelier in the room…no other lamps or lighting

This is like the Holy Place which was lit by one menorah-chandelier which threw its light on the table of shewbread.

you are wearing a stark black suit and you had some books and files in your hand

This is me in formal attire, with my books and note-files, representing a  teaching role of Bible expository teaching.

As you enter the banqueting room, a chef suddenly appears and he begins to lay the table….

The chef is the Holy Spirit who serves up what I should share with others.

there is something like a blue mat, but not a mat, in the center of the table….
it seems to be fixed beneath the glass top….

Blue is the color of heaven. Glass is the word used in Revelation 4 to describe the sea of glass before the throne of God. The city in Revelation 21 was of pure gold, but like unto clear glass. In Exodus 24:10, mention is made of both. “And they saw the God of Israel: and there was under his feet as it were a paved work of a sapphire stone, and as it were the body of heaven in his clearness.” From the description, it looks like the paved work was like glass or crystal, but the color of sapphire. This blue mat that was not a mat, probably represented “the body of heaven in its clearness“. The glass top a representation of the “paved work“, sized to fit on the table.

Interestingly, when the ark and the portable tabernacle were being moved during the wilderness wanderings, the table of shewbread was covered with a blue cloth. Numbers 4:7  And upon the table of shewbread they shall spread a cloth of blue, and put thereon the dishes, and the spoons, and the bowls, and covers to cover withal: and the continual bread shall be thereon:

the chef places crystal cutlery on the table and a loaf of pierced bread on the blue top….

The crystal cutlery goes with the glass top.

Loaf of pierced bread:
Excerpted from

Shewbread in the Hebrew is referred to as “Bread of Faces”, “Challah”, and “Bread of His Presence”. Challah means “pierced” and this bread was pierced and placed on racks in an earthen oven, and the racks burned a cross on the back of the bread. Then the anointing oil was sprinkled thereon. Jesus introduced Himself as the Bread from Heaven… He even came down to Bethlehem (which means House of Bread). The shewbred was pierced and anointed with oil… Even as the high priest of the first covenant put the bread on the table and removed it, giving it to his sons to eat. even so does Jesus Christ today. One of these twelve loaves was used for a burnt offering, leaving eleven. All loaves were the same size and all were pierced and anointed. Even this speaks of the eleven who remained with Him until He was taken away to be sacrificed. The Bread became a man and that man is Jesus. He is the revelation of God, the sole statement of His invisible glory.

I hope the pierced bread means that, through my Bible teaching ministry,  I will show forth the revelation of God in Yeshua the Messiah, the sole statement of His invisible glory.

Thank you, beloved of the Lord, for sharing this vision with me.

Yours in Yeshua’s love,

Dearest (brother),
Good Morning,

Thought of replying to you early morn before the day catches on me with its nothingness in the midst of the meaningful and the purposeful and leaves me too weary to come near to the laptop……Trust your daughter has reached oxford by now…..

Ezekiel 41:5,6,7. Just go through it as something of the stairway is mentioned….(1)

 I pray the interpretation of the vision comes to pass  quickly in JESUS Name……. May the resurrected Savior send a quickening upon all that He has in His heart towards you… Let the valley of dry bones rise up in the fulfillment of His glory in your life…. I pray the LORD will send His fire upon the contending adversary who has withstood you and kept you away from equipping the Body of Christ to maturity and left the body anorexic……… I pray the Lord will overthrow this mountain in His fury from your path and release you for His church… Let  His presence come down and make your Rod blossom supernaturally….

What step of FAITH you have to take to turn loose the RICHES of Christ, do it…. SEEK HIS FACE FOR THIS…. The lepers who sat at the gate took a step and the Lord made the sound of their movement like that of a mighty army….. Far too long have you been sitting at the gates… let the sound of the bells at the hem of your spiritual garment, at your rising and moving, be the sound of a great army in the ears of those adversaries…. AMEN…
Love and prayers

Dearest (sister),

I don’t know how to thank you for sharing your vision, and this email message. My heart burned within me as I read your prophetic urging, and prayer. It has resulted in my putting my all into the project I mentioned, by which I hope, by the grace of God, to leave a lasting legacy(2) for my family, and close friends like you and (husband) (to whom my gratitude cannot be measured), and the church around the world.

I know I haven’t yet told you exactly what I am doing, but there has indeed been opposition, not from individuals (no one knows about it except my family and they are very supportive), but from circumstances, and distractions (including distractions from our church, like admin meetings, writing a monthly article for the church weekly bulletin, and the occasional ministry.)

In 1985, a prophetic lady from the United States came down through … , President of … Fellowship, India. Her name was Carol Hale, and she had a remarkable prophetic ministry (not like those of the prosperity preachers). As soon as she met me, she said “The Lord says that although you prefer to function under a pastor, there is no pastor in India under whom you can function, because God has given you a supernatural gift, and every pastor you will ever be under in India will feel threatened. So, function independently.” (Not her exact words, but that was the gist of what she said.)

At that time, I was with … , who was just forming … Fellowship (independent local church). He seemed an unthreatened type of person, and gave me space to function as his equal. He even sat under my ministry for a full day (9 a.m. to 6 p.m.) in a seminar conducted by me for the church board, but after that he began to show signs of feeling threatened.

This had also happened before … Fellowship when we were in … Fellowship, when … and … were obviously feeling threatened.

Subsequently I noticed the same tendency in … Fellowship (Pastor … ), … Mission (Pastor … ), and  … Assembly (Pastor .. ).

In … community church, the pastor sometimes behaves in an unthreatened fashion, and sometimes shows signs of feeling threatened. He alternately says the nicest things about me to the church (for instance, that God has given me a powerful and sharp teaching gift, and the church should listen carefully when I speak), and yet he manages to put me on the sidelines.

So Carol Hale was right.

But during the time that I did function independently (when a number of people gathered around me for teaching, and the group became … Fellowship), the Lord indicated very clearly that this was to be a temporary ministry and He would tell me when to close it. In 2004, He did tell me to close it, and its key members are now in … Fellowship, and others are elsewhere. …

So that’s the story of my time as an independent pastor.

Andy Atadero (one of the most prophetic men I ever met, who used to come over and have long conversations with my wife and me over breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner on various days) said that … Fellowship should have recognized that, when the founding father went back to the UK, God had appointed me as Pastor, and that the whole confusion in that fellowship happened because the founding father and my co-elders couldn’t see me as Pastor.

I believe I will not be able to start something independent again, unless God gives me a definite instruction to do so. Meanwhile, the only prophetic step I see myself taking is to continue to work hard on the “legacy project” (2), and giving it all the time and attention and loving care that it deserves.

Please join me in asking God to show me the next step clearly.

Yours in Yeshua’s love,

Our dearest … 
Our soul will not be at rest till we see you watering the vineyard of God with the water hose of heaven……….no colors as i got sad reading the sad story………….Isaiah 62:6,7………
Love and intense, fervent prayer

My dearest (sister),

How I value your and (your husband’s)  friendship with our family and your prayer for us.
Through the long saga of being put down by pastors, of being honored by their lips while they leave me on the sidelines, I have learned to humble myself under the mighty hand of God, not even desiring to be exalted in His time.

The following passage from Isaiah has been very precious to me, specially the verses that I highlighted.

Isaiah 49:1  Listen, O isles, unto me; and hearken, ye people, from far; The LORD hath called me from the womb; from the bowels of my mother hath he made mention of my name.
2  And he hath made my mouth like a sharp sword; in the shadow of his hand hath he hid me, and made me a polished shaft; in his quiver hath he hid me;
3  And said unto me, Thou art my servant, O Israel, in whom I will be glorified.
4  Then I said, I have labored in vain, I have spent my strength for naught, and in vain: yet surely my judgment is with the LORD, and my work with my God.
5  And now, saith the LORD that formed me from the womb to be his servant, to bring Jacob again to him, Though Israel be not gathered, yet shall I be glorious in the eyes of the LORD, and my God shall be my strength.
6  And he said, It is a light thing that thou shouldest be my servant to raise up the tribes of Jacob, and to restore the preserved of Israel: I will also give thee for a light to the Gentiles, that thou mayst be my salvation unto the end of the earth.

I am the eldest brother in my family. Before I was born, there were five others, four boys and one girl. They all died in childbirth or within a couple of months after childbirth. I was the first one who survived.

My mother felt that God had a calling on my life, from before I was born. “The LORD hath called me from the womb; from the bowels of my mother hath he made mention of my name.” verse 1 in the passage.

But what did God do? “He hath made my mouth like a sharp sword; in the shadow of His hand hath He hid me, and made me a polished shaft; in His quiver hath He hid me“. He made my mouth like a sharp sword, and made me a polished shaft. But the sharp sword He hid in the shadow of His hand, and the polished arrow-shaft He hid in His quiver. How glorious to be hid in the shadow of His hand, and in His quiver.

A lady prophesied to me in the early nineties that when God had hidden me in His quiver, and it is enough for the arrow to be in readiness. When the time comes, God will sovereignly launch the arrow, and it will hit the mark.

When I was a little child, my mother said that someone had called me a child of light.

I have had several dramatic instances of being saved from death or injury. It would take a whole chapter of a book to narrate them. God seems to have kept me for a destiny. I am content to wait for it, in the shadow of His loving hand.

My father introduced me to a poem that I have remembered since I was in school. It has become very precious to me now.


by John Burroughs

SERENE, I fold my hands and wait,
  Nor care for wind, or tide, or sea;
I rave no more ’gainst time or fate,
  For, lo! my own shall come to me.
I stay my haste, I make delays,
  For what avails this eager pace?
I stand amid the eternal ways,
  And what is mine shall know my face.
Asleep, awake, by night or day,
  The friends I seek are seeking me;
No wind can drive my bark astray,
  Nor change the tide of destiny.
What matter if I stand alone?
  I wait with joy the coming years;
My heart shall reap where it has sown,
  And garner up its fruit of tears.
The waters know their own and draw
  The brook that springs in yonder height;
So flows the good with equal law
  Unto the soul of pure delight.
The stars come nightly to the sky;
  The tidal wave unto the sea;
Nor time, nor space, nor deep, nor high,
  Can keep my own away from me.


Yours in Yeshua’s love,

This is from the prophetic sister’s husband:

Dearest … ,

             humbled by what I read…I sometimes wonder about the Lord’s ways…cant, ’cause His ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not ours… but one thing I know in my heart: that you will finish the work the lord has for you… there is a falling away that is coming upon us.. and when the time is right the protected of the Lord, the watchmen of His holy sanctuary will arise… “Prepare yourself.” says the Lord your God, “what I have given you is from My bosom cause you waited upon me… not only have I poured upon you Grace but also the strength that is required… though a prophecy may tarry… wait! There is an appointed time and that time will come…” You will always be in our thoughts and prayers  o blessed one of Yeshua….(our Rabbi) 
love and prayers


As you put together your parchments, remember the wilted rose of Sharon in the parched valley waiting for a cloak to fall on her……………

Paul said “Get my cloak and my parchments for winter is coming’….. Man of God, as you sit knitting together the letter that gives life, know that, this wilted rose is not prepared for the coming winter….. Many times she heard her beloved passing by with the song “dance with me o lover of my soul………….” to the song of all songs……. “The winter is past and the spring time has come”….. But she missed all His visitations…………… the enemy besieged her on all sides…………and she passed through many winters and many cloudbursts……………… She couldn’t recognize her Beloved as He passed by her riding on a donkey because all her shepherds came in and went riding on horses and splendid chariots……. They blinded her with false glory… Many times He passed by her…….. Her shepherds gave her a bowl to beg….. Her ears got accustomed to the sound of coins falling into her bowl…. They taught her the art of begging…………. She missed His footsteps to the jingling sound of coins….. Hurry up, man of God, for this winter is Tribulation.


October 28,2009: I received the following from my dear prophetic sister. In this vison, she saw the way I was sorting out the priority and sequence of sections of the website by using sheets of paper in a homemade sort-technique! These were sheets containing Bible-teaching outlines which I had used to preach from.

how are doing……………how much more to go……………….well I saw something interesting for you two days ago……..
                             i saw you sitting in an open place…it looked more like a terrace…..there was an ordinary woooden table and chair…….you were deeply engrossed  as you sat on the chair….there were some papers on the table…a pen too…..suddeny i felt in my spirit a gentle breeze blowing…….and i saw numbered papers with writings on either side just gently falling from above and it very gently cascaded and fell  on the table……and i saw you taking these papers and putting them in order according to the numbers…………..

To this I replied:

I am deeply stirred and encouraged by your vision of me receiving falling sheets with numbers. I think I know what it means. It must be from God. It has a very personal application to me, and the way I study the Bible. I have a way of prioritizing points / paragraphs / studies by sorting them out on separate sheets. In the last couple of days a lot of “sheets” have come into view and fallen into place, as if out of the blue, and I have been sorting them according to priority numbers as God led me to assign to them. That priority list is the order in which I will write, edit, expand, or condense them, as needed, to make them ready for inclusion in my “legacy”.

Thank you, dearest (sister), from the bottom of my heart. What you shared has given me a powerful realization that God is actively helping me directly and actively encouraging me through you, and it has given me a powerful motivation to press on toward the mark, as Paul said (Philippians 3:12-14).

(1) The Ezekiel winding staircase is described as spiraling up. In the prophetic sister’s dream, it spiralled deeper representing depth of Biblical insight.

(2) The “legacy project” I had in mind is Bibloscope.


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