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A year ago my family left a church that I began to see as “cultish”. When people phoned to ask why I had left it, and I mentioned the word “cutish”, the next question inevitably was: “Did the pastor teach false doctrine?” In my view, a church with acceptable doctrine, but that is spiritually abusive through control and manipulation, is just as bad, and in some ways worse than cults like JWs. That’s why, I start with a special link to s Charisma News article about Sspiritually Abusive Churches, Christian Cults and Controlling Ministries.

The following links will be activated as they are readied:

What is the Church in common usage? (dictionary definitions)

Is the Church as commonly understood different from the Ekklesia?

Why did Jesus found the Ekklesia?

Is the Ekklesia the same as the Kingdom?

Is evangelism the mission of the Ekklesia?
and, if not, how is Making Disciples different from Evangelism?

What does the New Testament tell us about Making Disciples?

Is making disciples the same as discipling?

What are the New Testament Principles of Discipling?

Did Jesus establish leadership in the Ekklesia?

Is all the work to be done by the leadership, or do the members have a functioning role?

What are the New Testament Principles of Leadership?

What are the New Testament Principles of Body Life?

Did Jesus establish the Ekklesia as an organization that needs to be administered?

If so, what are the New Testament Principles of organization and administration?

What is the Biblical Pattern for Church Meetings?

Does communication play a part in the functioning of the Ekklesia?

What are the New Testament Principles of Communication?

What happened to the Ekklesia down the centuries? How did it degenerate into the church as we know it?

The Ekklesia must function in every people, tribe and tongue? 
This obviously implies that while there will be common elements in the way the Ekklesia functions everywhere,
there are also differences based on the culture of the various “kindred and tongues and people and nations” (Revelation 5:9; 7:9)
What cultural differences are biblically acceptable?

How can the Ekklesia function as today’s world hurtles into the end of time?


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