A Call to Intercessors


A call to intercessors
regarding the aftermath of 11/11/11
This came from Tikkun, a Christian living in Israel
Now I will take a few minutes to share with you one area of significance regarding the 11/11/11 event.  Intercessors will be gathering throughout the day; pressing in for the Lord’s mercy and protection, as well as for revival.  When the Lord told me yesterday about the updrafts of hell exalting themselves across the planet, I believe, in part, He was referring to the initiative of the occult and New Age communities/mavens coming forth 11/11/11. 
Those, who draw from, and who serve, dark powers were planning to open a Millennium Gate, which they hope will change the “energy” and direction of the globe. Their goal is to usher in a new order for the planet, which will be led by the “ascended masters” (which are demons) and their Most Highly Ascended Master (whom Christians would call the anti-Christ).  This new energy, which is to be released through a vibration they are creating throughout the world, is to bring an end to the Judeo-Christian influence on the globe, and a redistribution of resources.  
They plan to surrender the earth to a higher intelligence through an harmonic convergence to transform both the human being and the planet.  They intend to bring forth the Aquarian man … a superhuman being with a higher consciousness … which will rule, and which will eliminate the weaker, unenlightened, human beings (i.e. those who will not submit to the new order).  Throughout the world occult practioners were to conduct rituals and send forth a sound to cover the earth.  
On the 11th day of the 11th month, of the 11th year of the millennium, at the 11th hour after midnight, for 11 minutes, they wiere to send forth this power through meditation, sounds, declarations, and rituals.  Basically, they intend to open the gates of hell, whether they understand that or not.
Here are some of the benefits they hope to bring forth with their accomplished goals:
–To bring all the New Age and occult powers into agreement and into unity; creating an invincible force to bring the change they believe in.
–To establish a “me diarchy” composed of all facets of media (radio, press, television, etc.), which will serve to produce the propaganda necessary for the world to embrace the New Age and to serve its agenda.
–To destroy all nationalistic governmental foundations and states, so that regional, global, bio-regions, can be established to support a One World government order. No “super power” nations will be allowed to maintain their power and status.  The economies will come down, making way for a global economy under the power of the enlightened ones.
–To purify the planet with a new One-World religion; bringing an end to both Judaism and to biblical Christianity.
–To merge humanity with the enlightened beings (spirit guides and ascended masters) from the unseen, supernatural world; eliminating the limitations that have been placed upon the human race. (revisiting the Tower of Babel)
–To create a New Age citizenry (a super race … Aquarians) that will have the status of being gods; living in a New Age kingdom, in which they will do supernatural feats.  Those, who do not come into line with this new quality and priority of human being, will be eliminated; freeing the planet of that present negativity.
–To seize the wealth and resources of the planet; redistributing them through sharing, so that everyone is happy and provided for.
–To bring forth the New Age messiah, who is eagerly waiting in the wings … waiting to be announced and presented to the needy world.
–To bring forth the global crisis necessary to usher in this global messiah’s rule and reign.
I think that is enough information to tell you what this is all about.  Satan is going to make a move upon the earth, through those he has deceived and enlisted to fulfill his agenda.  
We know from the scriptures that these things will eventually happen. The anti-Christ will come to express his domination over the earth, just before the True Messiah, Yeshua, returns to set up His reign for 1,000 years.  Lest anyone think that this is just a foolish, science fiction, exercise by these New Agers, think again. Evil has power.  There are gates to hell that can be opened, as human beings use their free will to open them. If satan needs an invitation, he will have received a BIG one 11/11/11 from people throughout the world. 
 This force, energy or vibration that they intended to create is a real thing with power.  The good news is that our God has all power in heaven and in earth.  That does not mean we can sit back and ignore this event.  If we do nothing, satan will do something, and we will have to endure horrific consequences after the fact.  God is expecting us to rise up; declaring His Lordship and His word.  Are you with me?  Are you willing to be counted among those labeled as un-enlightened, negative, bible believers of the globe?  If so, here is what we can do:
**As soon as you read this page, begin to praise the Lord. Offer heartfeltworship and praise Remember playing CDs only releases sounds into the air. What God is impresed by is worship from the heart.
**KEEP YOUR FOCUS INTENTIONALLY ON THE LORD between now and the end of November, if not till December 31.
** Declare the word of the Lord … especially His sovereignty … as you read the bible out loud individually and in groups. DECLARE JACOB’S GOD AS THE ONLY SOVERIEGN LORD, AND SOLE AUTHORITY OVER ALL THINGS IN HEAVEN, IN EARTH, AND UNDER THE EARTH. (The battle is essentially between Jacob’s God and the principalities of Baal, as in the time of Elijah)
**If you are not blowing the shofar, shouting to the Lord, declaring scripture, or singing in praise, pray earnestly during this period 
**If you are able, spend some duting this period in fasting and prayer.
1.    For your self, ask the Lord to sanctify you, your family, your church and your Nation
2.    Pray that the Lord cancels all ‘millennium plans” that the enemy has instituted for you, your family, church and Nation and arrest the spiritual gatekeepers of darkness and replace them with His angels who will institute the will of God
3.    Pray that the “weaved vibrations” of the New Age created on 11/11/11 will amount to nothing. Pray that the speaking’s of the blood of Jesus will pass judgment against anything they weave [Heb.12:24]
4.    Pray that the mistress of the New Age shall be empty desolate and wasted [Nahum2:9-10]
5.    Declare that her heart will melt, knees will shake and the spirit of her witchcraft will be drained off color.[Nahum2:13]
6.    Ask the Lord to burn their chariots of witches and wizards and set their prey free for ever [Ez.13:20]
7.    The voices of their messengers in the media, schools, international markets, international organizations and governments be silenced for good.
Continue as the Lord leads you.   
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