2 Samuel 18:24-33

As a young man, Absalom had character and promise. He was handsome, and winning in his ways.

But his background was complicated and insecure and he became the prototype of delinquent sons.

What chance did he have to grow up normally in the sort of family life that was all that he knew of home?

When Absalom was killed, David wept over him because he knew that Absalom was more to be pitied than blamed.

It was too late for David to weep for Absalom.

For many who read this, if you have neglected the upbringing of your children, or by your own waywardness, perhaps by straying from your wife or husband, if you have set a sinful example, and if, as a result, you are the parent of a delinquent son, it may not be too late to cry to God for a recovery of decent family life.

God is able to restore your marriage and character, and to bring back your children from eternal ruin, and make them upstanding citizens in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Go to God in repentance of your own sin, admit to your children, the sinfulness of your example, and pray for them that God may restore them to fruitfulness, as well as yourself and whoever else was involved.

Then trust God to sort everything out … in His perfect time.

Ecclesiastes 3:11a  He hath made every thing beautiful in his time: …


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