Feast of Blowing

This is commonly known as the Feast of Trumpets and is celebrated on the 1st day of the seventh month (Tishri). Its Hebrew name Yom Teruah translates as the Day of Blowing (of the Shofar). The Jews also regard this day as the New Year Day of the civil year (just as the 1st of Abib is the New Year Day of the religious year). Since Rosh Hashanah means First of the Year, the Feast is called Rosh Hashanah and is celebrated in the secular Jewish world.


The Feasts and the Rapture

Most Christians who know about the Rapture and look longingly for it, think that the Rapture is prophecied only in the New Testament. They think there is no information about it in the Tanach (the Bible from Genesis to Malachi).

The Feast of Trumpets prefigures the Rapture. The first mention of the Trumpet is in the book of Exodus before God gave the Ten Commandments. It was at Sinai, and the purpose of it was to announce the coming of the Lord in glory on the Mountain of God.

Joshua delivered His people to their promised Land at the sound of a trumpet.