KJV Bible

This site is unashamedly and unequivocally a King James Bible based website.

However, there is one KJV bible version that I consider the gold standard, and other KJV bibles that are deficient, distorted, deceptive or even debasing!

In these days of rampant deception in the church, it is important to be able to distinguish between the KJV on which we can safely rely as our guide and help in all things pertaining to eternal life, and the ones that would lead their readers away from eternal life.



If God inspired the thoughts and very words of the Bible, then it follows that the Bible is inerrant, in the original autographs, that is, in the original documents as written by the men to whom the words were given.



Is the Bible the Word of God rather than the Word of Man? If it is, it must have been inspired by God, both as to thoughts and as to words. If we hold to the very words of God, then God will uphold His words and verify them in our experience.