From Natural to Spiritual Faith

Where is the difference between natural and spiritual faith? There is no difference. 

There aren't two sorts of faith to be connected. In both realms, it is the exercise of the one and only God-implanted faculty of faith.

The difference is merely in the object of faith. But here there is a difference so radical that it might look as if there were two altogether different types of faith.


The Basic Sin - Unbelief

All those who read these pages will know by now if they didn't know before that righteousness comes only by faith.

The opposite is also true. The only ultimate source of sin is: unbelief.

John 16:8. Jesus said that the Holy Spirit will convict the world of sin, rightousness and judgment.

Then Jesus defines the specific sin in each of these three areas:

"... concerning sin because they do not believe in Me."  

The primary sin, of which the whole world is guilty, is unbelief.





Faith is based on God's Faithfulness

Our Faith is based on God's faithfulness, His trustworthiness and total reliability.

The word "pistis" which is usually translated as faith, also encompasses the idea of faithfulness, reliability, trustworthiness.

In Hebrew, one of the words for faith is emunah, from which is derived the word "Amen" ("so be it" or "so it is").

The thought behind Amen is "Let it be confirmed." The root meaning is "firm", "reliable".


Both meanings: "trust" and "trustworthiness" come together in the nature of God HImself.



How to Grow in Faith


How To Grow In Faith

Faith grows. We do not have to be upset when we notice that we do not yet have faith to move mountains ... or to raise the dead. In the book of Acts, we see that Peter first healed a cripple (Acts 3:1-11). Then, with great power he healed others (Acts 4:33). Then he healed multitudes and his very shadow was healing people (Acts 5:15-16). Finally, we find Peter rising a dead disciple named Tabitha (Acts 9:39-42).


God Wants us to Grow in Faith



Many Christians seem to think that the proper thing to do is to wait and see what God does to them. Whatever it turns out to be is the best thing possible. Some think this is Christian resignation, or Christian surrender. They say, "What I want most is that God should do what He wants. Therefore, whatever God does is okay with me."