Joan Hunter

Joan Hunter is in the news these days.

For one thing, she's announced a WorldWide Day of Healing  usually in September.

I've provided a link to her own announcement, so you can evaluate what sort of ministry it is. One thing I noticed is that she provides all her teaching against money. She even charges for her ordination of other healing ministers. How does that match up to Peter ordaining Philip, or Paul ordaining Timothy and Titus?



Jesus said:


Matthew 7:15  Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

This scope is a wolf watch that will help you carry out Jesus' instruction above.. It is important to watch out, be aware, warn others, of spiritual wolves, in these days of wholesale deception in the churches. 


Knights of Malta


Some links: (the organization to which Rick Joyner claims to belong)




This is the section where we will keep a watch on the darkening scene of world events and the darkness that is falling on the churches, in the form of false and deceptive teachings and practices that really belong to the kingdom of darkness (such as heretical and cultic teachings and practices)


Charles Finney taught a False Gospel


Beware of False Teachers:
Charles Finney Taught A False Gospel!

Charles Finney is thought of by many as a powerful Evangelist whom God used to bring revival, a new awakening, and to get tens of thousands of people saved. Think again! His own writings show us that he was a false teacher and evangelist who proclaimed a false gospel!

Here are some quotes from Finney's "Lectures on Systematic Theology" in which he teaches his heresies: